Linda Goldstein



This collection, imagined in a dream,  is available in posters and notecards. Printed on metallic paper, the images shimmer.

Painting from memorable experiences,  plein-air or simply the capturing of light
on a flower petal in a vase, these paintings are offered as signed Giclee prints. Originals are sometimes available for
purchase as well.

Original paintings and Giclee prints grace homes and offices throughout the states and abroad. “Warming George” is in the collection of the George Washington University, Washington, DC.

About Me

I doodled and scribbled before I could talk…so I am told.
With no formal art education, I pursued fine teachers and workshops in the communities in which I lived to give me the foundation I needed to begin my journey.

At my table in my studio, I am transported,
moved to imagine other worlds and also to recreate worlds
close to home. Taking cues from nature, bustling urban areas and the creatures that inhabit them, I try and express my sincere
appreciation for all of it. I hope to bring that appreciation to my art and enrich the lives of those who see my work and those who chose to add one of my prints or originals to their own collection.

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